The magical deluxe Christmas signed Eles Italia su modadivas

The Holiday capsule collection by Eles Italia follows the seasonal trends to which it adds its original and extraordinarily glamorous touch. The kimono dress is proposed in a delicate and romantic floral pattern, with red edging and fringes; the combination of the floral blouse with an evanescent red long skirt and the final touch of the black jewel belt is absolutely perfect for a special evening; the wonderful red long dress is embellished by working in crystals, semi-precious stones and Swarovski, evoking the rays of the sun that reflect on the surface of the sea, for a dazzling unparalleled beauty.

Three precious outfits that are the essence of the Eles Italia style and, at the same time, the tradition of Christmas with the classic red color and the shining decorations that recall the brightness of the streets and houses decorated for the festive season. With the Holiday capsule collection by Eles Italia, every woman can wear the emotion and magic of a deluxe Christmas, which will make her remember for her exquisite elegance.

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